Feb 21, 2012

Drift Away

Pack my bags and anchor up
I'll be lost at sea
steer my boat for unknown shores
through waters that are free.

Quiet nights of carefree winds
my ceiling made of stars
the water rocking me to sleep
mist blanketing my scars.

I'll chart a course far from the world
where no man has made his home
I'll weather every storm that comes
or drown inside the foam.

If I should find that special place
to anchor down my ride
I'll build myself a tree fort home
close to the lunar tide.

I'll fish and sun and bath and dance
to everything of sea
here, at last I'll find my peace
and learn how to be free.

When the very end has come
the sea offers one last kiss
and quietly with gentle tide
I'll be taken off to bliss.


  1. I love this poem.Life without the sea is intolerable for a water sprite!