Apr 25, 2014

j.v. 4/2014

Sometimes the soul screams a roll
that bleeds the blackest red,
when epic pain turns into rain
squeezed out from swollen eyes.

Can't be consoled from what was stole
and ripped out of your heart,
once damaged by a hit and run
your left with only cold and numb.

Sep 5, 2013

I'm Not Broken

You say that I am broken,
because I've lost all trust,
but I say I've awoken
with a built up wisdom crust.

You say that I am damaged,
because I disbelieve in love,
but I say what I've managed,
is the end of push & shove.

You say that I am doleful,
because of what has past, 
but I think, at last, my bowls full,
and all my pain has passed.

I won't be judged by your opinion,
I wont fall in with your pack,
I  will live in my own dominion,
and I don't believe it's a draw back.

Apr 23, 2013

A Sigh

A Sigh

The dim restricting pressure,
that shuns the light of day.
The everything that's nothing,
in the games we have to play.
The rules that lay all broken,
in the shadows of decay.
The threat of a tomorrow,
well, it's just a day away.

Mar 11, 2012

Stone Eyes~Sunday mini challenge@Toads~

Just one of many millions,
eyes that look and can not see
the betrayal in my country
the manipulation of my free.

Mute against a dulling sky,
I can not speak, I sigh my say,
I've become invalid
by the repeated day to day.

Kiss my stone cold cheek,
while you look in my blinded eyes,
so very deep inside them
lies the halcyon skies. 

Mar 5, 2012

Spring~Open Link Monday @ Toads~


The last of winter fades away
pastels inhale bits of gray
green lace replaces barren bark
Summers candle now has spark.

Mar 4, 2012

A Dream Song~featuring Kenia Cris~

Art by Kenia Cris (For Sunday Challenge @ Toads

A Dream Song

No song for you
but singing still
in the dawn of day
with a weathered chill.

From the inside perch
of my dreaming eye
to the hazy clouds
of my brains dream sky.

The wind is still
and the air is sweet
the red chair waits
for my dreaming feet.

Grab my paper boat
with illusion-ed hand
sail it through the air
of those thoughts I hadn't planned.

Mar 2, 2012

Mother (Fireblossom Friday#4)


The uniform I wear
is slightly stained
a little rumpled
but unrestrained.

A scrunchy for my hair
A bit abused
with missing tooth
from over use.

Fuzzy slippered feet
with matted hair
dog chewed the toes
but comfy wear.

Diaper pin badge
sometimes it's dull
cant be repaired
so it gets culled.

You can call me Jane
like so many others
I'm my hubby's honey
to my kids I'm mother.

Mar 1, 2012

Degeneration (Think Tank Thu.#86)


Wake up and emerge from the clatter
get out from under the thumb
if only the rules didn't matter
and all were not greater than some.

The cocoon has become way to cluttered
the butterfly's wings can not hum
the earth and it's Terra Fir-ma
went from much bounty to slum.

The dreams of a brand new tomorrow
turn to nightmares of living the now
dashing the hopes of the many
by breaking the unbreakable vows.

Miracles should be in the making
the promise needs to speak up
how long can we drink the poison
before the venom infects the cup.

Feb 29, 2012

Looking Out My Window(leap day @ Toads)

Looking Out My Window

My morning is misted with gray
rain shapes the mood of the day.

Crisp and clean odors outdoors
drops wash dust from earths pores.

Snuggled inside terry cloth
I sip at my hot cup of broth.

The rain sings a soothing refrain
easing the bulk of my pain.

I'm nourished by natures display
the promise of summers bouquet.

Earths domain is a beautiful place
that I hope humankind wont erase.

Feb 27, 2012

SummerTime(open link Monday@Toads)

Sultry tambourines will play
as Earths puts on her green display
the wind will kiss the ripened trees
with a sweetly scented summer breeze.

Flutes will flow out rainbow tunes
inspiring thoughts to every muse
of love and life and peace and mirth
of death, rebirth and Mother Earth.

Celebrate this life we live
never take more than we give
let compassion fill our mind
and with The Earth be intertwined.