Mar 2, 2012

Mother (Fireblossom Friday#4)


The uniform I wear
is slightly stained
a little rumpled
but unrestrained.

A scrunchy for my hair
A bit abused
with missing tooth
from over use.

Fuzzy slippered feet
with matted hair
dog chewed the toes
but comfy wear.

Diaper pin badge
sometimes it's dull
cant be repaired
so it gets culled.

You can call me Jane
like so many others
I'm my hubby's honey
to my kids I'm mother.


  1. strange, isn't it: how we can invent a uniformed role for ourselves, sometimes just to feel ordinary in a chaotic, unexpected universe. I think you've done a great creative work here, turning the notion of a uniform into something unexpected. viva la

  2. Yes, this was an unexpected twist: I guess each role has its uniform, and mom's don't pack light.

  3. so cute! I'm very familiar with that uniform, too...

  4. Haha, I so understand it! That uniform, yes... I have the same :-)
    Thanks for writing it! Best, M.

  5. Loved the surprise, I know a lot of us can relate
    Fun to read, clever and so true

  6. I expect you've got a lot of company in that particular tribe! Thanks for being a part of FBF!

  7. You got it so right there Mama! I love it.