Mar 1, 2012

Degeneration (Think Tank Thu.#86)


Wake up and emerge from the clatter
get out from under the thumb
if only the rules didn't matter
and all were not greater than some.

The cocoon has become way to cluttered
the butterfly's wings can not hum
the earth and it's Terra Fir-ma
went from much bounty to slum.

The dreams of a brand new tomorrow
turn to nightmares of living the now
dashing the hopes of the many
by breaking the unbreakable vows.

Miracles should be in the making
the promise needs to speak up
how long can we drink the poison
before the venom infects the cup.


  1. Wow, I like it. Potent verse!

  2. You home in on truths and prompt thought and consideration. Nice rhythm, rhyme and flow, too.

  3. A different and darker take on the prompt ~ Nice one ~