Feb 27, 2012

SummerTime(open link Monday@Toads)

Sultry tambourines will play
as Earths puts on her green display
the wind will kiss the ripened trees
with a sweetly scented summer breeze.

Flutes will flow out rainbow tunes
inspiring thoughts to every muse
of love and life and peace and mirth
of death, rebirth and Mother Earth.

Celebrate this life we live
never take more than we give
let compassion fill our mind
and with The Earth be intertwined.


  1. I love tambourines, and Bob Dylan! ;)

    But nice picture here- instruments and seasons, flavours and happiness. So enchanting and native american-ish.

    You know, this is the first green poem that is very artsy and soulful. Love it.

  2. Brings out the gypsy in me! :)

  3. "Never take more than we give"... oh, that all would heed these words.

  4. I am looking forward to the green display and ripened trees...can't wait for it ~

  5. "My morning is misted with gray
    rain shapes the mood of the day.

    Crisp and clean odors outdoors
    drops wash dust from earths pores"

    I like how the first line and the second line run into each other in the last and first words "gray rain shapes"/ "outdoors drops wash dust"- so original! :)