Mar 11, 2012

Stone Eyes~Sunday mini challenge@Toads~

Just one of many millions,
eyes that look and can not see
the betrayal in my country
the manipulation of my free.

Mute against a dulling sky,
I can not speak, I sigh my say,
I've become invalid
by the repeated day to day.

Kiss my stone cold cheek,
while you look in my blinded eyes,
so very deep inside them
lies the halcyon skies. 


  1. You have captured the state of so many...eyes that look and cannot see...we have become a country of the political blind...nice work

  2. You make those eyes seem a violation, something not just eroded, but physically gouged away--and that certainly applies to our politics. None so blind as he who won;t see, they say.

  3. I could just repeat the previous two comments., then say I love the last two lines as well. A perfect poem for the photo.

  4. This is a many-layered piece, very original interpretation of the image. The last stanza delivers a very strong message.