Feb 16, 2012

Lunch With Sam I Am

Feelin' a little lost & blue
like a worn out, unused old shoe.

I got a call from Sam I Am,
"Please join me for some goose and jam"
"put on shoes in shades of blue"
"cause blue is the color I want to do."

He said, "now, dont make me wait."
I said, but Sam, I'm always late!
Sam then said, "this time you wont"
cause I'm sending you a billy goat."

When the billy goat arrived
I climbed on top to get my ride
over hills and dusty trails
the goat and I told many tales.

We arrived at 12 on the very dot,
Sam was taking the goose out of the pot,
he turned and asked, as nice as punch,
"are you ready for my lovely lunch?"

I sat down at the table set for two,
and looked at strawberry jam of blue,
a lovely color, a kind of blue mixeroo
in a lovely bowl made of pink bamboo.

"Should we eat them here or there"
and I pointed to the checkered stair
"we should not eat them on checkered stairs
jam and checkered should not be paired."

"We shall eat them, I think,  right here,
cause here is where we are the closest to near",
so he pulled out a chair for me
cause Sam is as polite as polite can be.

We talked and supped and supped and talked
then he took me home by way of walk
tipped his hat and said goodnight
I climbed in bed and turned out the light.

Good friends make everything all right
Sleep Tight

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