Feb 20, 2012


Some sort of void, we all need to fill
whine and snivel, then go pop a pill
handmade and man-made to relive the pain
physical or mental, brought on by the strain.

must be okay, everyone is in the Q.T.
conscience is unconscious, with so much company
we wine and we dine and our stories are told,
we think like the pack, to fit in with the mold.

kiss it, pet it, tell it you care
under your breath, you slice dice and swear
lie and cheat in your hypocritical way
make up for it tomorrow, or some other day.

Religion seeps, and it festers with right
yours is the one that produces the light
think like me, if you want to be saved
my path is the only one that is paved.

Sunday morning, so proper and right
dressed in their best, their ready to fight
for truth and for honor, for right over wrong
but if your not with us, then you dont belong.

Freedom, the thing getting lost in red tape
government is wearing a rancid black cape
we will go along, cause we're to tired to fight
the Constitution is taking an exit, stage right

What's wrong with the world, why is it such a mess,
I cant find a thing, I suppose it's anyone's guess,
maybe someday it will all be revealed,
but for right now, I guess it's not that big a deal.