Feb 24, 2012

Soulmate/Mary's Mixed Bag Prompt

I used Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven (and I couldn't help but carry it along)

"Once upon a midnight dreary,"
while I walked on, weak and weary
footsteps echoing shadows of long ago.

Walking through a graveyard, listless,
footsteps light and courage fearless,
tip-toeing, lightly, softly o’er the homes.

I came across a grave of brilliance,
protruding out, projecting translucence,
frightening, awful, alarming, yet serene.

Standing near it cloaked in reverence,
I could not break the act of severance,
disarming, alarming, charming, destiny?

Giving gasps to, yet, unknown remembrance,
electrifying all four of my mortal senses,
feeling, tasting, smelling, seeing dreams.

An arm glides, slowly, through the marble,
I want to run, but legs twist garbled,
rooted here, steadfastly, I must remain.

A transparent angel appears before me,
knowledge hails,  I fall to my knee's,
aching, yearning, longing, the feelings flood.

Many lives ago, as star crossed lovers,
yet every new life we rediscovered,
lived, laughed, loved, joined in harmony.

She surrounds me now, in melancholy sweetness,
I leave this life in her incompleteness
flying, soaring, joining, into the great unknown.


  1. Oh, wow. You may have started with Poe but you took it into your own realm and made it yours. Well done.

  2. Your words really flowed after starting with Poe's beginning. This is what I find often happens. I am impressed with the story you wove in this poem!

  3. This has captured the eerie tone of Poe while still telling a story that is very original. Love this!

  4. I'm sure Poe would be delighted with this! After all, he was a proponent/almost-originator of the written single effect, and that's what you achieved here! Even the rhyme is good --- nothing cheap or cheesy! 8-)

  5. You took Poe's darkness and went into the light...nice work