Feb 17, 2012

Zepplin Dreams/With Laurie's word: ethereal

Planted to grow,
seeds of imagination extend beyond earth,
riding their zepplin of dreams
into the far reaching desire of the dreamer,
until the dreamer becomes the dream.
and the ethereal becomes earth.


  1. I like the outward movement of this poem, and then the return of the last 3 lines. Very cool.

  2. I like the title... this is dreamy... perfectly ethereal.

  3. Hi Winter just wanted to tell you I love your poetry
    I read it and think sometimes you are talking about me lol
    I have read all your poems and love them and after reading your profile you and I have a lot of the same likes.
    I'm so glad you visited my blog and I found your site!:)
    After my Mom passed away I sit up some nights when I can't sleep and write little poems on how I feel but never showed anyone except my hubby which he just laughs, just things that are swirling in my head lol Helps to write it down
    ty for writing your poetry and sharing it with everyone

  4. I love the magic quality in your words, so beautiful

  5. Imaginations becoming reality --- a very lovely write!!!

  6. This is great. I especially love the last two lines.

  7. Impressive response to Laurie's prompt!

  8. Thanks to everyone for the amazing comments!! I'm so glad that someone is reading and enjoying :-)and Laurie Scrapes, maybe you should add another page to your blog. Poetry is an amazing mind soother, and I would love to read you!

  9. I like the reaching to the sky, then back to the earth like a cycle.

    Nice to meet you at RT ~