Feb 22, 2012

Daisy Bell Answers/Kenia's Wed. Challenge

Kenia's Wed. Challenge
I chose an old song, called Daisy Bell/aka/Bicycle Built for Two
Composed by Harry Dacre in 1892
Which you can find here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daisy_Bell

Daisy Bell Answers

You are the sunlight that allows my growth
My darling, my beloved betrothed.

No daisy needed to tell the truth
My love is true, though still in it's youth.

We'll share the good, along with the bad
and in our love we'll both be clad.

We will pedal this road of life
Yes, yes of course, I'll be your wife.

Me and you a tandem true
on our bicycle built for two.


  1. Don't you just love the idea of a bicycle built for two? The thought of it is magical to me, pure expression of love and sharing. Your poem is adorable. Thanks for participating!


  2. I love the response...I always wondered what Daisy's answer would be..now I know. :)

  3. This is the perfect answer to the song! Way to go.

  4. I know of two who could have done with a tandem! If you haven't seen them, do go and have a peep HERE

  5. Bike riding is close to the Trellis' hearts! :)