Feb 21, 2012

Intelligent Life

Do you think when the world was created,
with earth and the whole galaxy,
that the higher powers decided
all planets {save earth} be intelligence free?

Do you think that the planet of Neptune,
of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars,
were put in the world for no reason
merley picturest art for the stars?

Is there not just a hint of a maybe,
that space travelers have often come here,
and perhaps we refuse to believe it
out of human selfrightous fear?

Could it be that there are other beings,
who thrive outside of earths atmosphere,
and perhaps their intelligence soars
while ours grows slowly year after year?

Should we scoff at little green martians,
are U.F.O.'s just a crazy mans dream,
are you sure that man's infinite wisdom
is as secure as you think that it seems?


  1. oh i have a hard time believing we are alone out here....

  2. Of course we are not alone here. ETs are present here...we just do not recognise them. It could be something as simple as a thread of a spiders web. While we are on this subject I think the intelligence of animals is seriously underestimated and I think humans could learn a lot about living from them.

  3. Girl... I have Et's running thru my head...I can well imagine the ones running thru the universe! lol This was awesome! My mind could run forever with this weave...and that, for me, is the best kind! Thank you!

  4. Excellent! I find it hard to believe we are alone and firmly believe we are not!
    Wonderful poem :)